Top 6 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids (excerpt from article posted to

"The words we say often carry evaluation and judgment," warns Lauren Goldstein, Ph.D., licensed child psychologist, Strayer University. "Parents may think that correcting their children's mistakes help them learn, but often what children hear is that they can't do anything right or that they are not 'good enough.'"

Teaching Toddlers to be Grateful (posted to

“Grateful” is not a word we usually associate with toddlers! In fact, from infancy through early childhood, children believe “it’s all about me,” and teaching them otherwise can be a challenge! Parents often focus on teaching their children to say “thank you,” but teaching the meaning behind this word is a bit more complicated. As the holidays approach, now is a good time to think about being grateful ourselves and helping our young children understand gratitude. Here are some ways to start instilling gratitude at a young age:

ASK DR. LAURENHow Can I Get Dinner Made with a Fussy Toddler (posted to

This last week, daily meltdowns at our house when I am trying to cook dinner have unfortunately become the norm. I tried everything that I could think of which pretty much resulted in a ton of tupperware strewn across our kitchen, milk spilled, a toddler crying on the floor and finally a walk outside resulting in dinner not being done on time. Thankfully at we have excellent experts to tap into to ask moms most pressing questions: How Can I Get Dinner Made With A Fussy Toddler On My Hands?  Thank you to Dr. Lauren Goldstein for her expert insight as a a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Happiest Baby Educator and helpful hints as a mother too!

I Love My Baby, But... (posted to
As new mothers, most of us know to prepare for sleepless nights, bouts of crying, and mounds of laundry that seem insurmountable. But no one tells us that we might feel sad, anxious, seriously overwhelmed, or even regretful. And more importantly, no one tells us that we are not alone in feeling these emotions and that it is ok if we are not in baby bliss!

Dr. Lauren Goldstein